The pictorial concept of Edurne Esponda is based on the impact of general contemporary codes of fashion and cuisine in visual memory. From the colors, the filling and the three-dimensional expansion, her work reveals us the codes that materialize symbolically in an abstract iconography evoking shapes and sensations, rating in tastes and social conventions.


With an interest in uncovering the demands and the pleasure that caused the above codes, she began to work in 2006 in a serie called “Own Code”. Aware of the requirements and preposter-ous fashion, she addressed such dependence and released bodily rules imposed from such designs through chromatic and geometric languages (barcodes).


Subtle and forceful in cultural criticism that was developed from her first Code, in 2008 Edurne Esponda continued her work with the visual memories of familiar flavors. Born in the city of Oaxaca, from a Mexican father and Basque mother, the young painter began interpreting the culinary aesthetics of cultural fusion with the “Painting Plate” series. In the works of this set, she mainly addressed the daring formal design of contemporary Basque cuisine.


Passionate about the visuality of Mexican food, especially the oaxaqueña, Esponda recreates “Own Code II”, a visual memoir the sensibility in Mexican cuisine has given us.


Built from colors and shapes of some traditional food and treats, “Own Code II” activates the visual memory of the spectators by linking food colors with the abstract iconography of the artist. The yellow and the red of “Oaxacan mole”, the chocolate color of the processed cocoa, the famous blue from the tequila agave and the vibrant red from the raspberry and strawberry ice creams, are some of the colors that travel between pictorial art and the cultural tradition of Edurne Esponda.


Blanca González

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