Edurne Esponda



"My work reflects my immediate surroundings, my dreams, emotions and feelings of the moment.


I like to visualize things that breathe in vibrant colors.


They interact on the canvas and develop into shapes, objects and paint.


This freedom to improvise is important to me so that creativity can become true self-expression.


For my, painting is a language in wich you can communicate whith the world.


It's not a picture from a experience. It is an experience.


A strong experience of space and infinities silences.


Synthesis is the measure of life and space, as Rothko said.


I believe that we humans spend too much time hiding from our 'true selves', and get distracted by irrelevant thing imposed on us by society.


My goal is to find the connection, communication and balance of color, composition, feelings and emotions trough my art and livings.


It is a continuous journey of learning, experimentation and change".


Edurme Esponda

"We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are".


Anaïs Nin

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